Modern Indulgence Media LLC Privacy Policy

1. Modern Indulgence Media does our best to ensure all member information is secure and private.
2. No information gathered for the purpose of your membership is used or distributed outside of Modern Indulgence Media, Our staff, host server, and third-party payment processor.
3. Modern Indulgence Media Uses CCBill LLC as our designated payment processor. All billing information, including but not limited to credit card information, legal names, and address are collected and maintained solely by CCBill for billing, security, and identification purposes only.
4. Modern Indulgence Media shall bear no responsibility for any loss of personal information.
5. Members are expected to use Aliases when commenting in the members section of our website(s) as suggested in the comments box. Discussion or disclosure or personal information in our members’ area is not recommended, and will not be allowed. If such discussion is brought to our attention it will be removed by an administrator.
6. Disclosure by members of third party data will not be tolerated. Members may not discuss other people’s information other than their own.
7. Participation in one of our affiliate programs may require the use of cookies, or storage of your IP Address. Such information will be stored for a period not exceeding 100 days.
8. Any breach of our privacy policy may result in termination of your account.
9. By Signing up as a member you agree that you have read and found agreeable our terms of service and privacy policy.