Modern Indulgence Media LLC Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

(a) Modern Indulgence Media shall include the definition of the company incorporated as Modern Indulgence Medial LLC in all its’ incorporated jurisdictions as well as its’ directors, shareholders, agents, staff, contractors, brands and subsidiaries.
(b) You and all tenses thereof shall refer to the subscribed member.
(c) We shall refer to Modern Indulgence Media
(d) Web-Hosting is defined as the storage of website-related data including members’ personal information on remote servers.
(e) Misuse may be determined at any time at the sole discretion of Modern Indulgence Media.
(f) Trial and Trial Memberships shall refer to limited access granted to new members at a specific posted rate for a duration not exceeding 2 days.
(g) Cyber-Attacks shall include any access or activity on our servers, or third party servers storing related data, corporate network, computers, or data storage devices, not explicitly sanctioned by Modern Indulgence Media.
(h) Third party Payment Processor shall refer to CCBill LLC, the party contracted for the purposes of processing our payments.

2. Protection of Minors

(a) By using our services you affirm that you are over the age of 18 and are requesting to view mature content.
(b) All models depicted in our productions are professional actors and paid only for their acting services. They are not paid or contracted for the performance of any specific act, and any acts which they perform are a matter of personal choice upon agreement and consent from their fellow performers. All models are all over 18 at the time of the production, and their records are maintained by the custodian of records for the relevant website in accordance with 18 U.S.C. ss2257.

3. Writ of Liability for Financial or Data Loss

Modern Indulgence Media and its’ subsidiaries use third-party services for web-hosting and payment processing. Under no circumstance shall we bear any responsibility for loss of Information or loss of currency resulting from third-party errors. Which may include but not be limited to server-down time, server-maintenance, data breaches or cyber-attacks.

4. Member Rights to View Material

By paying for your membership, you are receiving permission to view the content hosted on the website for which you have paid for. This permission is not a license to download, copy, redistribute, upload, or otherwise use our content outside of personal viewership of our content, streamed from within the members’ area of our website.

5. Member Duty to Respect Copyright

Members are expected to respect Local and International copyright laws and treaties, including but not limited to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Our contents are not to be used outside the permission granted in (4). Any misuse, or Infringement of copyright shall result in termination of your account without the possibility of refund, as well as legal action of either a civil or criminal nature, depending on the offence and jurisdiction thereof.

6. Behavior

Modern Indulgence Media expects our members to be cordial and respectful to one another. Using comments on our website(s) in an abusive manner towards other members will not be tolerated and may result in the termination of your account without the possibility for refund.

7. Trial Memberships

(a) Trial Memberships expire in 2 (TWO) days and automatically renew into full monthly recurring memberships. Unsatisfied trial members must cancel their membership within the first 2 days (the trial period) or be rebilled for consecutive months (billing periods).
(b) The posted fee for trial memberships is non-refundable. This is the fee to have temporary access to our content in order to determine if you would like a continuing membership. If you determine you would not like to continue, such determination does not entitle you to a refund of this fee.
(c) Requests for Cancellation of Trial memberships must be received within the trial period. If a request is made after, you (the member) will be billed for the following billing period at the posted monthly rate. It is your responsibility to ensure you exercise your due diligence to cancel before you are rebilled. If your request comes after, your membership will be cancelled, but you will not be entitled to any refund for the consecutive billing period(s) for which you have already been charged.

8. Cancellation

Except as governed by section 7(b)(c), cancellation requests will be honored within the order they are received. Refunds for technical problems or otherwise may be assessed on an individual merit basis. Cancellation requests may be directed to the support email located in the footer of the website OR our third party payment processor.

9. Reporting of Criminal Activity

No criminal activity amongst our members will be tolerated. Any illegal discussion on our forums, comments, or illegal misuse of content, or activity illegal within any jurisdiction commensurate with US laws will be referred to the relevant authorities.

10. Privacy

Any breach or infringement of our privacy policy will result in termination of your accour without the possibility of a refund.

11. Attestation

By Signing up as a member you agree that you have read and found agreeable our terms of service and privacy policy.